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BICA History

Sixty years of history, all dedicated to the production of garden furniture. Few Italian companies in the sector can offer an experience of this level, but few above all can boast the excellence of product and service that has always accompanied it. Already in 1973, a few years after its foundation, the company was awarded as one of the best Italian exporters. Since then BICA race towards innovation and improvement is a constant, choosing quality, design and service as winning cards.

  1. Foundation

  2. Primacy of export

  3. Production expansion

  4. Affirmation in the resin

  5. A consolidated reality


The “culture of quality” BICA has one of its founding pillars in service excellence.

The primary objective of the company is the complete satisfaction of customer needs.

To achieve this, considerable human and financial resources are earmarked, starting from the incessant product development activity to the constant monitoring of customer satisfaction.

Those who turn to BICA know they can count on dedicated, continuous information, sales and support.

BICA Quality Policy

The primary objective of BICA SPA is the complete satisfaction of customer needs through the offer of a customized range of products for the home, garden, camping and leisure, in plastic and metal.

This objective is pursued through:

  • constant attention to product quality in terms of practicality, reliability, pleasantness and price;
  • compliance with product safety requirements in compliance with applicable regulations;
  • constant innovation of the product lines and expansion of the range where possible;
  • identification and analysis of the strengths of the organization;
  • control over individual phases and / or critical activities in the production process;
  • identification of the process inefficiency points;
  • decrease of non-conformities;
  • monitoring of the level of customer satisfaction;
  • dissemination of the “Culture for Quality” in terms of efficiency and effectiveness;
  • maintenance and improvement of the Company Quality System in compliance with the ISO 9001 Standard.


To this end, BICA SPA promotes and develops the following activities:

  • analysis of interested parties and the context in which the company operates, evaluating actions to deal with risks and opportunities related to processes and the operating context;
  • management of the Company Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001;
  • periodic reviews of the Management and Managers to evaluate the effectiveness of the Quality System;
  • planning and execution of internal audits on the processes of the Quality System;
  • continuous and constant control of the individual stages of the production process by suitably trained people;
  • dissemination and sharing with the company’s Collaborators of Quality Objectives related to the various primary business processes and subsequent analysis of the results achieved;
  • involvement of all staff with a view to continuous improvement;
  • monitoring the suitability of the staff to carry out the assigned task;
  • assessment of the need for any new resources.

All this can be reached only with the complete collaboration of all the staff of BICA SPA and is essential to continue to be competitive in a constantly evolving market and in an increasingly demanding environment in terms of quality, efficiency, price, reliability, performance, image.

Code of Ethics

Download the Code of Ethics by clicking on the following link:



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Tel: +39 049 534 99 60
Via Dell’Artigianato, 2
35020 Candiana (Padova) - Italy
Monday to Friday
8:00 - 12:00
14:00 - 17:00

BICA S.p.A., Via dell'Artigianato, Candiana, PD, Italia